Product Code G518P E-mil 5ml Glass Pipette

Graduated Pipette E-mil Soda Glass Type 3 Class B 5 x 0.05ml 

Normal Price £3.21 Clearance Price 20p excluding VAT and carriage.


Product Code 1941-00 UV Grade Semi Micro Cuvette

Semi-micro (1.5ml) disposable cuvettes for spectroscopy made of PMMA UV grade, with optical windows for optimum transmittance through spectrum range from 280 to 800 nm (PMMA UV grade). The engineering and quality control determine the reproducibility of the cuvettes. These are strictly controlled and variations should be within the range ± 1% absorption. This is vital when batch analysis is being undertaken. Dust-proof packing: 100 pcs in expanded polystyrene box with dust lid.

Normal Price £11.29 Clearance Price £4.50 excluding VAT and carriage.

Product Code 901-00 One Hand Timer

The 1 Hand Timer is portable and pocket size, with mechanical movement (accuracy 3%) and timing up to 60 minutes.The advantage that it can be rewound using one hand only. The diameter is 72.5mm and has a height of 29.5mm. An alarm sounds at the end of the set time. We are offering this item at £6.99 for a short period of time.

Normal Price £21.20 Clearance Price £4.99 excluding VAT and carriage.


Product Code 914-00 90ml Screw cap container.

Made from Polyethylene, this container is ideal for storing mercury etc. Leakproof. Small quantities of liquid or solid samples can be taken out by pipette/spatulas without the hindrance of internal shoulders. Sturdy, heavy walled with excellent chemical resistance.


Normal Price £3.63 Clearance Price 99p excluding VAT and carriage.